We want to help you discover God’s mission for you and show you how to fulfill it.

You may want to partner with us in Peru or launch your own mission.


Either way, we’re here to help you change the world.

Life and Work


Mission Center




Through the Pueblo de Ninos orphanage, we provide a home and a future for displaced children in Peru.

The Life and Work program trains men and women to lead their communities through their faith and workplace.

The Kiley Steusse Mission Center acts as a hub and training center for missionaries, pastors, and ministry partners.

Partner with Your Mission Matters and Find Your God Given Mission

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Mark Evans

Pastor, Church at Rock Creek

"We love that YMM's goal is to be a "friend, mentor and advocate." That is exactly what we need! Being just the two of us, we love to have a voice of wisdom, strategy, and vision for the Kingdom. We are so excited for what God is doing exactly where we are, and thankful that God has provided Your Mission Matters to walk alongside us in the journey."

Shawn and Natalie Key

Missionaries to Bulgaria

Take a heart for missions, combine it with a love for God, plus a deep desire to help people make a difference, and you know Mike Grober. Mike has a real gift for ministering and relating to people from all cultures. He is in his God-given place when he is leading teams ministering around the world. YMM will be a blessing to you.
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Sam R. Williams, Ph.D

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

"We are excited to have Your Mission Matters in our corner as we serve and live out the mission God has called us to. It's so reassuring to know that Mike not only cares about and believes in what we are doing, but he really gets it, and is living it himself."