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God has given you a mission.
We want to help you fulfill it.


Your greatest moments are not just for you!

They are opportunities God provides for you to help him change the world. He takes your unique story and weaves it into his overarching story of grace and redemption. His mission for your life is a reflection of his mission. You will never discover your mission if you don’t know and understand God’s mission.

In 2015 God gave César Ayala and I (Mike Grober) the vision for the Kiley Stuesse Mission Center. Since then Zona Zegura Peru and Your Mission Matters have worked together to advance this vision.


When asked what he wanted to be known for, César said:

"I was raised by a loving single mom who pointed me to Christ at an early age. Above all, I want to be known for being faithful to Christ and to my wife (Gaby) and two daughters (Joy and Paz). In 2008, Gaby and I founded Zona Zegura to make Christ known to our generation. From that year forward we have not stopped dreaming."

I'm Mike

God's mission for my life is to champion the little guy.

My entire life has been devoted to missions, and most of it in South America. I know what it's like to be a missionary without a large sending organization. I like to call guys like this, "little guys with a big God!"

Wherever, or to whatever, God is calling you, my hope is that you say "Yes" to his mission for your life. 

While everyone has a mission, that doesn't mean you have to go it alone.

If you are a missionary just starting out, hitting roadblocks, or trying to gain clarity on God's mission for your life, let me help.  I'm not asking for your money or resources. I'm asking you to live out your God given mission.



Because your mission matters.


Mike Grober

Founder & Executive Director

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