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To be successful at work and to live a flourishing Christ-centered life is at the heart of our Life and Work program.

Over the course of six months, our students live at the Kiley Stuesse Mission Center. They develop skills that position them to work at the best hotels and restaurants in Cusco: cooking and serving typical Peruvian dishes and desserts, housekeeping, customer service, computer skills, English, posture and presence. They also learn first aid, public speaking, small group dynamics, personal finance, business plan preparation and how to study and apply the Bible. In addition, they participate in community projects, discipleship groups, house churches, field trips and help us support our short-term mission teams.

Candidates must be 17 to 21 years of age and come from an orphanage or an extremely poor family. Children who age out of our orphanages are all given the chance to participate.

Upon graduation some of our students will work in the tourism industry; others will pursue a college education; and still others will serve as missionaries in one of our ministries. Through our partnerships with the best hotels and restaurants in the Cusco region, our graduates are offered highly sought after jobs and career opportunities. 

NEXT STEP is our newest ministry. It is designed to  support Life and Work graduates who work and study in Cusco. We help them get on their feet by providing them a place to stay and a family to encourage and guide them. 

"The Life and Work program gave me the confidence to strike out on my own knowing that God has a wonderful plan for my life."

Dina Huaman, Life and Work Leader


"We love getting to make new friends and doing life as one big family."

Maria Magdalena, Life and Work Student

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