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We Champion the Little Guy

YMM believes that small indigenous missions organizations are the future of world missions


We call these small missions organizations "Little Guys with a Big God" because they remind us of the young boy in the Gospel of John who watched God use his five loaves and two fish to feed a crowd of five thousand. 


Like the young boy, they offer up what little they have and witness God miraculously transform their understanding of themselves, of their mission, and of God himself.


As a friend and advocate, YMM is devoted to helping these Little Guys fulfill their mission through strategic partnerships with churches, businesses and individuals.


We are here to champion the Little Guy because no matter who you are or where you are



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Life and Work

The Life and Work program prepares young men and women from adverse situations to live with confidence and purpose.


Mission Center

The Kiley Steusse Mission Center acts as a hub and training center for missionaries, pastors, and ministry partners.


Our orphanages provide a home and a future for displaced children in Peru.

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Mike Grober

Founder and Executive Director

Mike is a friend, advocate, and partner to missionaries, pastors, and anyone else who seeks to fulfill God's mission in their lives. 

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